Ladies Day 11 May 2019

Ladies Day is a celebration of all the women of the Wildcat Family. The mums, aunts, grandma’s and older sisters who ensure little ones get to training and games, find the elusive lost sock, and cheer from the sidelines no matter the weather. The mothers, wives and partners of senior players who still come to games (and occasionally still need to find lost socks) who are the foundation of our family. They are also the ladies working behind the scenes as volunteers for the club adding unique perspectives and assistance to ensure we have an inclusive and welcoming club. And let’s not forget our ladies Team, strong players who are building both our club and Rugby for women in Australia.

The Ladies Day sub-committee wanted the 2019 celebration to be a comfortable and relaxed event, where the ladies could really relax and simply enjoy the food, sunshine and Rugby. So Shabby Chic was the theme for the day and the look was achieved through the use of outdoor rugs, cushions, benches and scatter chairs, colourful and eclectic (like our ladies.)

The finishing touch that made Ladies Day great was having activities for the kids (and men from the club to supervise!) This made the entire afternoon fun for adults and children alike, with a jumping castle, face painting, a chance to run out with 1st Grade and an overall awesome afternoon of Rugby and family fun.

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